vsTASKER 6 Tutorial
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vsTASKER Tutorial

This tutorial is intended to software/simulation engineers or decision makers who need to use a simulation development kit to develop a platform to test their models, immerse some real equipments into a synthetic environment, build a flight simulator or any other trainer for complex devices or simply need a real time workbench to integrate various software devices.
It is divided into two parts.
The Samples chapter list various demos trying to cover several aspects and domain of the product. If not all of them have to be tried, they give essential hints on what the product is about and how things can be done, using process flow charts (logics) and runtime models (components).
The Do it Yourself chapter is intend to let you build your own simulation by creating scenarios, adding entities, designing logics, writing components and assembling all these to produce a runtime solution.
The Integration chapter is for information only. The demo distribution does not contain the associated databases. They are available in the evaluation and release versions only.
This manual does not replace the training course (basic or advance) and is mainly intended to provide a guidance (or a reminder) for a good understanding of the product.